Dental Implants

Durable Dental Implants in Mequon

At Comprehensive Dental, we are committed to providing dental care based on our patients’ needs and preferences. In those instances where it is possible, implants offer a durable and lasting solution to the functional and aesthetic challenges of missing teeth. 

Our dentists are providers of dental implant treatment in Mequon. If you are considering this procedure for teeth replacement, contact our office today for your consultation!


Dental Implants at Comprehensive Dental

When you visit our office for smile restoration, you are provided with in-depth treatment planning based on your current health status and needs. Our dentists are the first stop on your journey to a better smile with dental implants. After we have evaluated your oral health and determined that implants could be a part of your treatment plan, we communicate your needs to a local periodontist or oral surgeon, who will complete the surgical portion of your procedure.

To replace missing teeth, we work with many highly trained specialists so you are seen by the most caring professional available Your treatment both inside and outside of our office is customized to create successful outcomes. 

Your implant-supported teeth are provided in our office as soon as you have healed from placement. Our dentists offer both single restorations and larger prosthetics for missing teeth, including implant crowns or bridges with life-like porcelain.

Implants after Tooth Extraction

Patients can visit our dental office for more immediate implant needs as well. If you are about to lose or have already lost a tooth, we provide teeth replacements for dental emergencies. 

For failing teeth that need to be removed, our affiliated oral surgeon can provide extraction and perform ridge restoration -- a treatment intended to create the best possible environment for a dental implant. 

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